Webinar: Growing risks on social media – How to mitigate threats and protect consumer trust

Social media has fast become a key consumer touchpoint which brands have been quick to adopt. But as the landscape continues to evolve rapidly – from ever-higher usage, emerging channels, and social marketplaces – so too has the threat from bad actors.

Learn how forward-thinking businesses are protecting consumer trust in their brands by taking a cross-functional approach to retain control across social channels.

Webinar agenda:

  • The evolving threat landscape on social media – from counterfeiting and phishing to impersonation and negative association
  • How bad actors exploit social channels – how infringers operate across channels and at scale
  • How brands must respond to these threats – assessing the threat level, getting cross-functional buy-in and retaining control
  • Best practices on key platforms – Facebook & Instagram


Laura Dooley

Principal Analyst, Incopro

Laura is a Principal Analyst at Incopro and has worked in the field since 2009. Laura joined Incopro in 2016 and has built a growing team of Analysts in Boise, Idaho, to serve Incopro’s client portfolio. For Laura, the best part of working in the Brand Protection industry is the opportunity of working with technology, data and most importantly, within a collaborative relationship with clients.

Caroline Thompson headshot

Caroline Thompson

Manager of the Trademark, Domain and Infringement Group, ETS

Caroline Thompson is the Manager of the Trademark, Domain and Infringement Group at global educational testing and assessment organization ETS. She has over 7 years’ experience in the world of intellectual property and has specifically focused on Social Media and Mobile App Enforcement for much of her career. In her current role she oversees a stellar group that protect and enforce trademark and copyright globally, handle trademark licensing and correct use and manage the trademark and domain portfolios.

Leanne Fayter

Brand Protection Analyst, Incopro

Leanne is a Brand Protection Analyst and joined Incopro in 2019. She works mainly for a global confectionery company who experiences phishing attacks regularly, and she also works for a global luxury goods company where she finds high value targets for offline enforcement.

How brands can successfully navigate the threat landscape on social media

Fraudulent activity can lead to irreparable damage to consumer trust for brands that are caught in the crosshairs.

In this piece, we discuss the key themes from the webinar and highlight how businesses can protect consumer trust in their brands on social media. We also explore best practices for monitoring social media platforms to tackle new behaviors and retain control. Finally, we detail the benefits of possessing advanced detection technology to reveal hidden social media infringers.

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How brands can successfully navigate the threat landscape on social media

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