Webinar: The Business Models of Bad Actors – How to Discover & Disrupt Them

The bad actors that threaten your brand and consumers online are commercial operations just like legitimate businesses – coming in different shapes and sizes, and adopting a range of strategies to steal your sales and erode consumer trust.

Hear from Brand Protection experts on why understanding bad actors’ operating models and uncovering their online networks is key to effectively mitigating these threats and helping your brand succeed online.

Webinar agenda

  • The threats posed by bad actors online to your business and its consumers
  • What models they use to capture consumers, and how to disrupt them
  • How Network Analysis technology can help you address these threats effectively


Helen Saunders - Chief Product Officer, Incopro

Helen Saunders

Chief Product Officer, Incopro

Helen is the Chief Product Officer at Incopro and has driven product strategy since joining in 2013. Helen established Incopro’s global analyst team and works with customers, partners, and platforms to build new capabilities which help brands tackle online risk. She has a background in UK law enforcement and cyber security investigations, which gives her a valuable perspective on the tools and techniques used by online bad actors, helping to ensure Incopro’s services continually evolve with the threat.

Alex Shad

Brand Protection Team Lead, Incopro

Alex is a Brand Protection Team Leader who joined Incopro in 2019 and is currently stationed in the Cardiff office. He ensures the effective delivery of both brand protection strategies and a social media audit for a global confectionery conglomerate combatting online challenges such as fraud, phishing and various IP infringements. In addition, he works with a luxury fashion brand to deliver high value targets and counterfeit networks for offline investigation.

Laurie Baker

Brand Protection Analyst, Incopro

Laurie is an Analyst with over five years’ experience at Incopro working across the UK and China offices. He has worked with a broad range of clients including those in the sporting, luxury, and consumer goods industry. In addition, he has built up strong relationships with online marketplace and social media platforms. He is a fluent Mandarin speaker and specialises in economic, political, and legal issues in the Greater China region.

Whiteboard Tutorial: Network Analysis

Network Analysis gives you insight into the different networks that are hijacking your brand and exploiting your consumers. By building a full picture of these networks and prioritizing based on risk, you can drive enforcement and investigations in a more strategic, impactful way.

Learn how Network Analysis technology enables your business to discover, prioritize, and act against these networks, protecting your consumers and revenue streams.

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Whiteboard Tutorial: Network Analysis

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