Protection: The 5th P of Marketing – Consumer Research Report

Why protecting brand authenticity has become the new 5th ‘P’ of marketing

At Incopro we’ve witnessed the impact on businesses when they lose control over how their brand is experienced online. We’ve seen how issues ranging from poor quality counterfeits and phishing scams, to inappropriate brand associations and expired campaign assets all contribute to an erosion of trust. And we’ve seen how fast bad actors – using your brand to secure their own financial success – are able to exploit any weakness.

With 61% of consumers stating that simply coming across a fake website would cause them to doubt or avoid a brand in the future, marketers are recognizing the need to protect their brand’s authenticity. They know that even the worlds most successful brands struggle to deliver truly outstanding experiences for their consumers if they’re not trusted. That’s why a new 5th ‘P’ of marketing – Protection – is required.

Download the consumer research report to learn how to build and protect your brand’s authenticity online. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Key research insights – what brand authenticity means to consumers
  • A step-by-step guide to building brand authenticity
  • A list of tools you’ll need to protect your brand’s authenticity