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48% of consumers said they had lost trust in a brand after unintentionally buying a counterfeit online Sapio research for Incopro 2019

Consumer trust is critical to your brand’s success, but the trust you’ve built is under attack from bad actors online. Every digital interaction is an opportunity to reinforce that trust, or an opportunity for it to be weakened forever – how are you ensuring that you own those interactions, and not your enemy?

Across social media, online marketplaces, organic and paid search, infringers are threatening every digital touchpoint and brands are increasingly realizing they have a duty of care to their consumers and the need for a brand protection solution to protect them.

Our sophisticated technology provides a brand protection solution that monitors all areas of the internet, automatically prioritizing the most important threats to you. This enables the rapid removal of risks and the constant protection of your consumer relationships. Trust Protection helps you ensure that the promise your brand makes to your customers is always kept.

What is Trust Protection?

Trust Protection gives you full visibility of the threats to the trust consumers place in your brand, and the weapons to address them. Whether selling unauthorized goods that damage your reputation and put your consumers at risk, associating your brand with negative content, or threatening your consumers’ digital safety through phishing scams, the range of threats is significant and increasing.

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Our Trust Protection solution will help your business to:

  • Gain full visibility of the digital brand abuse that threatens your consumers
  • Rapidly remove threats to your consumers and their trust in your brand
  • Protect your consumers from unauthorized products that risk their health & safety
  • Protect your consumers digital safety by taking down online scams
  • Build trust into every digital touchpoint with your consumers'
  • Ensure that you consumers’ digital experience is the one you’ve invested in

Why Partner with Incopro?

When you partner with Incopro, you’re partnering not just with us but with many of the world’s largest brands and benefitting from the insights and intelligence that we gain from working together. Join the fastest growing community of brand protection experts and share the benefits of our collective power to stay ahead of the infringers and make the internet better for business.

Don’t let bad actors threaten the relationship you’ve built with your consumers. Come join a bigger gang.

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