Brand protection 101 – The IP essentials

Trade in counterfeit goods is worth 3.3% of global trade OECD 2019

Knowing your competitors is critical to success, but how well do you know your closest competitor of all? With counterfeit trade worth over $500bn a year, infringers are using your brand to compete with you: stealing your sales by diverting consumers from your owned channels and authorized listings on third-party marketplaces.

What is Revenue Protection?

Revenue Protection drives your revenue growth by removing unauthorized listings on marketplaces, fake advertisements on social media or copycat websites that can deceive well-intentioned consumers that want to buy your genuine products. Focusing on your key sales channels delivers material results – one customer saw sales growth on Amazon increase from 30% to 130% after working with us.

Our approach

Our approach focuses on what matters to you: we build strategies to deliver the impact you need instead of just sending IP enforcement notices that may have no benefit. Our analyst teams leverage our unique technology to efficiently send takedown notices at scale, but they go beyond this – finding alternative enforcement routes to remove infringements, converting unauthorized sellers to legitimate channels, even using the strength of our platform relationships to redesign those platforms and reduce consumer confusion.

Revenue Protect is more than a takedown service – it is a solution to end revenue leakage and drive your online growth.

Our Revenue Protection solution will help your business to:

  • Recapture the market share counterfeiters are stealing from you
  • Reduce revenue leakage and grow online sales by protecting consumers from fakes
  • Eliminate confusion by removing ‘compatible’ listings that pretend to be your brand
  • Protect your brand reputation against the risk from poor quality, third party products
  • Improve your sales ranking and defend the buy box on key marketplaces
  • Identify growth opportunities from converting third parties to authorized channels

Why Partner with Incopro?

When you partner with Incopro, you’re partnering not just with us but with many of the world’s largest brands and benefitting from the insights and intelligence that we gain from working together. Join the fastest growing community of brand protection experts and share the benefits of our collective power to stay ahead of the infringers and make the internet better for business.

Don’t let counterfeiters use your brand to compete against you. Come join a bigger gang.

Our Approach
Brand protection - Incopro
“We experienced a 160% revenue increase in the first week, then 180% in the following week. Overall, we saw 130% growth in the year to September (before the growth rate was only 30%) – so there was a huge impact.”
Head of trademarks and copyright, toy manufacturer

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