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For a major US Sports client, Incopro was able to reduce the scale of infringement online by 60% within 6 months

Many brands are feeling increasingly outgunned by the variety and scale of the challenges they face online from abuse of their IP – from counterfeit goods to phishing scams and lookalike products – and find that attacking the problem alone is not enough.

The traditional approach to brand protection – sending enforcement notice after enforcement notice without ever reducing the problem – can feel like a thankless task. We will work with you to identify the goals that really matter to your business – from cleaning key marketplaces to reducing the risk to your consumers – and deliver the impact that you need.

What is IP Protection?

IP Protection helps you take back control of your brand online, with advanced monitoring and prioritization tools that give you full visibility of the threats you face and the tools to mitigate them. Our innovative technology uses criminal intelligence techniques and machine learning to help you act at scale and our analyst teams help you rapidly reduce the level of IP infringement online. Certified investigators help you identify high-value targets and our technology can integrate your online and offline efforts.

Our IP Protection solution will help your business to:

  • Gain full visibility of the online threats to your brand and your digital growth
  • Enforce strategically at scale and rapidly remove fakes, impersonators and scams
  • Automatically discover hidden commercial-scale infringer networks
  • Identify high value targets to integrate offline and online
  • Deliver lasting reductions in online infringement of your brand
  • Demonstrate the impact of your brand protection program

Why Partner with Incopro?

When you partner with Incopro, you’re partnering not just with us but with many of the world’s largest brands and benefitting from the insights and intelligence that we gain from working together. Join the fastest growing community of brand protection experts and share the benefits of our collective power to stay ahead of the infringers and make the internet better for business.

Don’t battle IP abuse alone. Come join a bigger gang.

Our approach
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“With Incopro we are able to extensively scrape websites, marketplaces and social networks far deeper than can be done manually. We can now locate counterfeit products we did not even know existed.”
Doug Mackay, Managing Director, Leading Edge Health

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