The Total Economic Impact™ of Incopro’s Talisman Platform

The Total Economic Impact™ of Incopro’s Talisman Platform

Online Counterfeiting

According to leading technology consultancy Forrester, clients utilising Incopro’s online brand protection technology benefit from increased sales revenue and legal compensation, enhanced legal capabilities and improved business intelligence, representing a three-year ROI of 305%.

Incopro recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examine the return on investment of using Talisman, our online brand protection tool. The findings of this study are designed to help brand owners evaluate the potential financial impact of Talisman on their organisations.

A ‘composite organization’ was created by Forrester and was based around the findings of four Incopro clients that they researched. This organisation was then used to create a three-year financial model to calculate the benefits and costs of using Talisman.

Total benefits

Forrester concluded that “By using Incopro, the interviewed organizations were able to significantly reduce the number of counterfeit listings on large online marketplaces, thus protecting brand equity and resulting in increased revenue. Furthermore, their legal capabilities increased, in turn resulting in incremental legal compensation. Interviewees also experienced increased business intelligence capabilities through the use of the platform”.



1. Increase in revenues by reducing online counterfeits

Incopro’s strategic, intelligence-led approach to online enforcement results in the permanent removal of infringements and increased revenue, an outcome that the ‘whack-a-mole’ approach taken by our competitors is unable to achieve.

This is achieved through Talisman’s advanced Network Analysis technology that groups together related entities across over 20 data-points such as platform, seller profile and physical address to uncover the largest commercial-scale infringers operating against your brand. This enables our clients to increase sales and market share, with Forrester’s research highlighting that revenue uplift impacts 3% of sales per online brand protected on average.

Increased revenue through online enforcement provides demonstrable return on investment (ROI) for our clients, with Forrester calculating that we deliver 305% return for our clients with a payback period consisting of only 3.1 months.

2. Incremental legal compensation

Incopro facilitates online to offline enforcement by combining the intelligence collected by Talisman with expertise from our wide legal network and specialist partners.

The most damaging infringers can be targeted for offline action by our clients’ legal teams to obtain compensation and offset damage caused. Using our Network Analysis, we link activity across platforms and accounts and support offline data collection such as factory locations, allowing clients to build cases and win settlements.

Together with effective online enforcement, targeted litigation helps our clients’ legal teams improve revenue-generating activities.

3. Increased legal capabilities

Incopro enhances legal teams’ ability to gather evidence and proof points to support litigation and deliver compensation.

Forrester stated that:

“Prior to using Incopro’s Talisman platform, the legal departments of the interviewed organizations, already resource constrained, could only react passively to the multitudinous counterfeit listings and were ineffective at eliminating and discouraging IP infringement.”

Forrester found that by year three of a contact, the value of increased legal capabilities Talisman provides are equivalent to an extra full-time lawyer.

4. Increased business intelligence capabilities

Talisman collects and prioritises online commercial information to deliver value beyond enforcement.

The business intelligence capabilities of our clients are enhanced as a result of enforcement, data collection and trend monitoring by our expert analysts. With these vital insights, clients reported the ability to better quantify demand; highlight market hotspots; identify competitors, partners and acquisition targets; and develop market entry strategies.

Forrester found that by the third year of service the value of business intelligence developed is equivalent to 75% of the cost of a business intelligence analyst’s annual salary.

Read the complete ‘Total Economic Impact’ study conducted by Forrester

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