Network Analysis: The critical technology to disrupt brand exploiters

Are you currently pushing full steam ahead with the drive towards online and digital? So are counterfeiters, impersonators, and copycats – exploiters who are using your brand to secure their own financial success by misleading your consumers. These exploiters are damaging your reputation, harming your consumers and generating profits using digital to transform in the same way you are – opening new channels to market, using data and social media to target and nurture relationships, refine distribution, and further strengthen their position by reducing operational costs.

These exploiters come in many shapes and sizes – from lone operators to commercial scale organizations – and each has their own business model, much like your legitimate competitors. And like your legitimate competitors, understanding the full extent of the exploitation business model is critical to mitigating the threat they pose.

Network Analysis maps the exploitation landscape, giving you full visibility of the threat and the exploiters' weak points that can be enforced upon for maximum impact.

What you'll learn

  • Why you should use Network Analysis technology to map the landscape of those exploiting your brand online
  • How mapping the online networks can reveal the full exploitation operation and help you prioritize
  • How Network Analysis technology will ensure that your enforcement efforts will deliver a greater ROI

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