Scams, Fakes & Brand Abuse in FMCG: How to Protect Consumers & Stay Ahead of Threats

The growth of e-commerce has led to an increasing demand for consumer products online, with the likes of Amazon seeing a surge in demand for these products.

This has also led to a spike in counterfeit goods on these platforms. The nature of consumer goods – items we clean with, consume, and put on our bodies – means there are potentially severe dangers when consumers purchase non-legitimate products.

At Incopro we’re working with leading FMCG enterprises and online platforms to tackle these issues. This mini ebook explores the challenges facing the industry and the strategies FMCG brands are adopting to mitigate them.

FMCG Ebook Protecting COnsumers Fake FMCG

What you'll learn

  • Reasons for acceleration of online threats to FMCG brands
  • Other threats including phishing scams, digital footprint issues, and false association
  • Technologies and solutions brands can employ to keep consumers safe
  • How a global FMCG brand achieved a 98% decrease in lookalike activity on Amazon in 2020

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