Our Story

Since Incopro began in 2012, we’ve been working to make the internet a better place for businesses and their consumers. We believe that by coming together to fight back against the counterfeiters and infringers, legitimate businesses can turn the tide and protect their organizations and the consumers they serve.

  • The Virtual Wild West

    For as long as brands have existed, fakes have been around too. Businesses have always had to be vigilant in protecting their intellectual property. But with the arrival of e-commerce, everything exploded. Because while legitimate businesses expanded rapidly into this new land of opportunity, something sinister was hot on their heels – ever-growing throngs of criminals, thieves and scammers greedy for easy money.

    The parallel with the Wild West is not far wrong. Clever online criminals can live outside the law, assume a hundred aliases, skip town and vanish in a cloud of virtual dust. The Internet is largely unregulated, and provides endless rich pickings for the modern-day outlaw.

    All of this leaves businesses feeling like sitting ducks, knowing that counterfeiters and infringers are happily churning out counterfeits, setting up stores, establishing distribution networks and even building advertising and social media presences at a scale that would previously have only been possible for the largest global brands.

    The Virtual Wild West
  • Fighting Alone

    The bigger the problem becomes, the lonelier the battle can be. Many businesses we talk to feel like they’re under a constant barrage of infringements that seems to get more and more intense. They’re often unaware of the majority of attacks against their brands, and those that they do know about often come out of the blue.

    What makes life even tougher is that the enemy is not just a bunch of amateurs. They are sophisticated operators, with a constantly developing arsenal of scamming and counterfeiting techniques.

    And it gets worse. Dig deep enough, and we find that today’s counterfeiters and infringers are often connected with the hardest and nastiest people on the planet. They are involved with people trafficking, and even terrorism.

    This stuff is far, far too big for anyone to try to handle alone.

    Fighting Alone
  • Standing together

    That’s why Incopro exists. From the beginning, we have recognized the need for a totally different approach: one that’s focused on forming a united front through the power of shared insights and intelligence. Because businesses need have no fear of standing up to even the biggest, most corrupt criminal elements of the online world. We just need to stand shoulder to shoulder, fighting together to bring them down.

    The Internet may have made life easier for the bad guys. But ultimately, it also holds the solutions to the problem too. By leveraging the constantly developing, highly sophisticated technologies of our Talisman platform, by applying our analysts’ expertise, and by sharing insights with our customers at events and through industry groups, we can do something that the bad guys can’t – we can work together.

    That way, we can not only make the criminals’ lives increasingly difficult, we can start to eradicate them. We can push for the changes we need from search engines, social media and e-commerce platforms. We can stop being the victims and start becoming the threat.

    Standing together

Our Purpose, Mission & Vision

  • To make the internet better for businesses
    and their consumers.

  • The mission of Incopro is to help global brands come together and win against the people and organizations who abuse their brands, copy their products and put consumers at risk.

  • To create a world where consumers can trust every online interaction with a brand, and where businesses can invest in their brands without fear of copycats or infringers stealing their consumers and damaging the trust they’ve worked so hard to win.

A key path to trust is through authenticity. Each day, we protect and preserve authenticity for our customers and their consumers. But it’s also precious to us, by being authentic in how we work, what we say and how we respond to obstacles, we can more quickly shape solutions, solve problems and build trust.

The creativity and ingenuity that we bring to bear on customers’ challenges is a result of the diverse set of people, skills and experience we bring together. As a team we’re able to out-think the bad guys rather than out-muscle them, finding the simplest and fastest paths to resolution for our customers.

We stand strong, shoulder to shoulder as a team with our customers against the biggest threats they face. Together, standing up against challenges from global networks of infringers, the largest platforms, or simply the new kids on the block.

Although our enemies seek to divide and conquer, we recognize that true strength comes by uniting and coming together. We do that for our customers. We also do that for ourselves, uniting cultures, regions and expertise to create teams that pull together for our customers.

Like any successful team, it’s determination that keeps us ahead of the constantly changing and evolving threats that our customers face. Determination gets us to the heart of problems. Determination delivers results.

  • Our Talisman Platform

    Our Talisman Platform

    Our unique Talisman platform continually searches the Internet, using machine learning to constantly refine its ability to discover, prioritize and act on infringing content and products.

  • Our INSYNC Events

    Our INSYNC Events

    INSYNC, a global community of brand protection professionals, is changing the face of brand protection and uniting businesses against a common enemy. Together, we are turning our collective intelligence and combined reach into real and positive change.

  • Our Analysts

    Our Analysts

    Incopro’s experts work together with their peers across the industry and across categories so that they can more easily share and gather knowledge and expertise to better protect your business.

Today we’re a global presence, bringing together over 220 employees speaking many languages and located across three continents. We work with more than 750 brands and are proud to include countless professionals in our worldwide network.

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