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Smarter protection. greater impact.

Talisman is more than technology — it’s the smarter way to protect your brand and see long-term impact. Businesses that switch to Talisman see greater reduction of infringements, quicker return on investment, and superior long-term business impacts. They understand their threats better, act quicker, and make lasting change.

Talisman - Online Brand Protection

Find, Prioritize & Act on threats. Prove the value.


Find infringements

Prioritize threats

Act Fast

Act fast

Prove Value

Prove value

With Talisman, you have visibility of threats across key digital channels. It works quickly to analyze and prioritize the greatest threats to your brand, with options to enforce immediately. The dashboard displays everything you need, with overviews of the reports and metrics that matter most to your brand.

Greater impact: Talisman focuses on more than just takedowns. It enables brands to take a more strategic, long-term approach to brand protection, remove high-value targets at scale, and provide intelligence that drives wider business success.

Inside Talisman: all the tools you need

  • Network-level operators structured like agile multinational businesses often pose the largest threats. Instead of low-impact takedowns, remove these networks to ensure a lasting reduction in infringement.
  • Talisman’s network analysis tool connects infringing entities and matches them against online and offline identifiers to give full visibility of threats.
  • This enables brands to identify, connect, and prioritize high-value targets, and provides the insights to act on them at scale.

Go from low impact takedowns
to removing entire networks and ensuring lasting impact.

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Talisman - Network Analysis - prioritize
  • Talisman applies industry-leading OCR, logo detection, and similarity matching technology to analyze infringing images online, fast.
  • Rather than costly manual searches and actions, Talisman quickly identifies and applies automated risk analysis to prioritize the greatest threats.
  • Continued data collection and machine learning enables Talisman to manage risk and enforcement efficiently.

Go from costly, slow manual tasks
to fast, automated detection and risk management.

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Talisman Automation & Image Technology
  • Configurable dashboards provide a real-time overview of the reports and metrics that matter most to your brand.
  • Customize and share reports and presentations to tell compelling stories with data and show the value of your program.
  • Business insights focus more on the substance of your problem, plus provide global trend intelligence to drive wider business success.

Go from making short-term reactive decisions
to taking a strategic, long-lasting approach.

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Talisman - Business Intelligence storytelling

Protect your consumers, wherever they are.

Talisman mimics how and where consumers interact with your brand online, giving complete visibility of threats across:

  • Marketplaces


  • Paid search & advertising

    Paid search & advertising

  • Social media monitoring

    Social media

  • Websites


  • App stores

    App stores

  • 3D printing sites

    3D printing sites

Greater impact: Talisman is constantly learning and evolving. The more data it
accumulates and the more actions it takes, Talisman increasingly learns about risk and the
probability of a threat needing enforcement. This allows you to act upon threats more efficiently.

Who uses Talisman?

Talisman isn’t just for brand protection and legal teams — it’s great for adding value to the wider business.

  • Brand protection teams

    Brand protection teams

    Protect your brand against counterfeiters, impersonators, and scams. Rapidly identify and act upon threats, deliver lasting reductions in infringement, and demonstrate the impact of your brand protection efforts.

  • Legal teams

    Legal teams

    Gain full visibility of the infringement of your IP online. Identify threats and enforce strategically to rapidly remove commercial-scale infringer networks, ensuring comprehensive, lasting protection.

  • Marketing teams

    Marketing teams

    Gain full control and visibility of your digital brand. Protect your customers from online scams, unauthorized products, and illegitimate brand experiences to build trust across every touchpoint.

  • E-commerce teams

    E-commerce teams

    Drive revenue growth and control your brand across all sales channels. Recapture your market share from counterfeiters, improve the control of your brand across authorized sales channels, and identify growth opportunities.

Greater impact: Many teams still work in siloes, with poor data visibility and knowledge sharing across the business. Talisman gives you the tools to highlight the data and reports that matter most to each area of the business, compare key trends and indicators, and provide intelligence that drives wider business success.

Incopro - brand protection analysts

Our expert analysts

Our team is ready to provide full brand protection services on your behalf. Our analysts will effectively become an extension of your team and you can rest easy knowing that your brand protection is in the hands of highly skilled experts.

Greater impact: Incopro’s analysts are experts in using Talisman to act efficiently and effectively on your brand’s behalf, delivering real ROI and meaningful reduction in infringement. Their shared experience across specific industries and regions allows them to determine the most impactful threats, whilst also applying insights to identify growth opportunities.

Talisman customers see:

  • 305%

    3-year ROI

  • 3-month

    Payback period

  • +3%

    Online sales per year

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