Our Approach

We have a defined four-step approach to brand protection.

Find. Prioritize. Act. Elevate.

Talisman - Our Approach

Four steps for complete protection

  • Automatically collect data at scale to find and monitor rapidly evolving infringer activity using Talisman’s advanced detection capabilities. 
  • Imitate how consumers interact with your brand globally with Talisman’s data collection across marketplaces, social media, websites, and more. 
  • Quickly modify the flexible search framework by to stay ahead of evolving threats. 
  • Conduct multiple iterative searches for keywords, phrases, and images associated with your brands to discover all relevant threats, fast.  
Find infringements
  • Configure risk rules to flag the greatest threats to your brand, such as highly visible listings on key marketplaces or those that ship from counterfeiting hotspots.
  • Prioritize threats using a range of smart algorithms such as automated risk rules and network analysis, and apply analyst intelligence to increase effectiveness.
  • Apply Talisman’s advanced image capabilities to prioritize infringements that use your logo, contain copycat products, or embed high-risk keywords within images.
  • Uncover major infringing organizations with network analysis, connecting entities to prioritize entire networks, disrupt their route to market, and ensure lasting impact.
Talisman - Prioritize
  • Drive team efficiency and reduce cost with automated platform enforcement at scale, leaving infringers no time to act.
  • Automate other enforcement actions such as Google delisting, reporting to payment providers, and domain name takedowns.
  • Leverage Incopro’s understanding of platform regulations and processes to enforce efficiently and at scale.
  • Run test purchases directly from Talisman with built-in functionality, and export data to provide evidence for litigation and raids.
Talisman - Act
  • Focus on the data, changes, and trends most relevant to your brand for faster reporting and decision making with Talisman’s advanced analytics dashboards.
  • Elevate reporting and analytics from operational metrics to strategic insights and empower teams to prove the impact of their efforts with built-in data storytelling tools.
  • Inform, collaborate, and empower other areas of the business with insights, such as refining marketing campaigns, expanding e-commerce channels or informing product development.
  • Apply learnings to continually improve effectiveness by understanding the results of your actions and exploiting intelligence.
Talisman - Elevate
Svetlana Ilnitskaya

Svetlana Ilnitskaya

Director of Customer Strategy | Los Angeles

What makes our approach to brand protection successful is the understanding of the ever-evolving online landscape and how the infringers operate. It’s a fulfilling and rewarding experience to see our customers succeed in the fight against brand abuse and IP infringement.

Talisman customers see:

  • 305%

    3-year ROI

  • 3-month

    Payback period

  • +3%

    Online sales per year

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