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Our highly trained analysts, onboarding team, and brand success team ensure that we offer the most comprehensive Brand Protection services on the market.

Brand Protection Services

  • Configured to your needs

    Configured to your needs

    Your brand protection solution will be tailored to the needs of your business. Every brand suffers infringement and abuse in different ways and our onboarding team will ensure that your program is working for you.

  • Global Expertise

    Global Expertise

    Our team of legally trained analysts are not just based around the world, they come from all around the world. This ensures you have the regional knowledge and global coverage working on your behalf to keep your brand and consumers protected.

  • Outcome focused

    Outcome focused

    It is easy to show high numbers of enforcements in reports and tell people you’re doing a great job. However, it means little if you can’t see the tangible impact. Our brand protection services focus on outcomes aligned to your business goals.

Self-serve or managed service

You choose whether to use our technology with your own team in-house or utilizing our brand protection services.

  • Self-serve

    Incopro offers the only enterprise level self-serve technology for businesses who have the internal resources to discover, prioritize & act on IP abuse themselves.

    Your team will be fully trained and educated on how to use our technology for maximum impact. They will also have access to the Incopro customer portal, this includes a range of resources including videos, manuals and regular webinars. You will also have a dedicated Brand Success Manager to ensure you’re meeting all your brand protection objectives.

  • Managed service

    Our team is ready to provide full brand protection services on your behalf. Our analysts will effectively become an extension of your team and you can rest easy knowing that your brand protection is in the hands of highly skilled experts.

    The advantage of working with Incopro analysts comes from our shared experiences. We have worked on different brands, in different industries and across multiple regions. Being able to draw on these experiences, collective intelligence and combined reach, allows us to provide a thorough and comprehensive service when protecting customers.

    Managed service
“Incopro has set the bar very high on customer service, especially onboarding. Their onboarding experience was smooth and timely. The process ensured my staff was assimilated. Working with Incopro is best described as ‘forging a partnership.’ “
Legal Counsel at Alex & Ani
Svetlana Ilnitskaya

Svetlana Ilnitskaya

Director of Customer Strategy | Los Angeles

After obtaining my law degree I was looking for creative ways to apply my knowledge in the areas I was most interested in, IP and tech. I joined Incopro in 2015 which allowed me to build successful brand protection programs for customers across fashion, fast moving consumer goods, ecommerce and media sectors.

What makes our approach to brand protection successful is the understanding of the ever-evolving online landscape and how the infringers operate. It’s a fulfilling and rewarding experience to see our customers succeed in the fight against IP infringement.

“We use Incopro analysts, they’re the experts, not only on their system, but also of the different platforms out there and what the requirements are to get something taken down.”
James Clark, Brand Protection Manager, Ted Baker
Dave Gavrilovic

Dave Gavrilovic

Investigations Services | London

Conducting OSINT (open-source intelligence) investigations into sellers is really enjoyable work. It’s satisfying starting with a target and eventually revealing a larger operation piece by piece. Using open sources and a host of databases and tools we can often get quite intimate with the sellers we investigate! To top it off, the information we provide makes a real difference to protecting our customers.

A nice quirk of the job is that it’s not all enforcement related. Sometimes customers are interested in forming business relationships with targets, so it can be a win-win.

Annie Wood

Annie Wood

Global Director Brand Success | Boise

I started in this industry over six years ago and have always loved the challenge of working in brand protection, as the Internet constantly changes and presents new opportunities for success.

Having seen first-hand what the competition offers, I was incredibly refreshed by Incopro’s customer-led approach and tech-first solution to these very large business problems!

  • Investigations Services

    Investigations Services

    Incopro’s Investigations Services team are able to provide in-depth intelligence and evidence on criminal networks exploiting your brand online. The team uses Talisman, Incopro’s Brand Protection platform, and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) methods to discover and report actionable insights that can be used to dismantle entire networks swiftly.

  • Onboarding & training

    Onboarding & training

    Incopro has a dedicated onboarding team to ensure your brands are set up and protected at a rapid pace. Our simple five-step onboarding process is tried and tested and lines up all new customers for success – whether self-serve or managed service.

    There are regular webinars, meet ups and opportunities to network with other Incopro customers to learn about further ways to protect your brand.

Parvez Siddiqui

Parvez Siddiqui

Senior Customer Trainer | London

Training customers allows me to give them confidence with all aspects of Incopro’s approach to content protection, from understanding our technology to gaining a better grasp of internet entities and online techniques utilized by our team.

I continue to be amazed at the different viewpoints of our customers, and helping them to achieve their goals and be successful in protecting their brand is very rewarding.

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