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Act faster. Prove value. Improve outcomes.

Talisman’s advanced analytics offer dynamic, configurable dashboards and reports. These empower teams to prove the value of their efforts, inform internal decision making, and support broader business intelligence.

Talisman - Online Brand Protection

Take down high-value targets

Focus on key data

Share Insights

Share engaging insights

Identify growth areas

Talisman’s advanced analytics allow businesses to view, understand, and share the metrics that matter most. 

Greater impact: This enables teams to focus on more than just takedowns. Brands can take a more strategic, long-term approach with more meaningful outcomes, show the value of their efforts, and uncover new growth opportunities. 

The tools to digest, share & learn from your data

  • Save time trawling through reports with custom advanced analytics dashboards. 
  • Focus on data most relevant to your brand such as high-risk issues, problematic platforms, or threats by region. 
  • Move faster with alerts to anomalies, changes, and trends that guide users on where to act. 
  • Case management and notice history give an overview of enforcements and repeat infringers, with options to escalate. 
Talisman - Business Intelligence dashboards
  • Save time preparing reports and presentations and share insights directly from Talisman using built-in data storytelling tools.
  • Transform reporting from operational short-term metrics to engaging, strategic insights that prove value and encourage action.
  • Share insights in a news-like, blog-style format using the built-in stories feature. 
  • Guide stakeholders through the context of your findings with the present feature. 
Talisman - Business Intelligence storytelling
  • Transform the perception of brand protection from a cost center to a revenue generator by proving the impact your efforts. 
  • Improve effectiveness by understanding the results of your actions and applying learnings. 
  • Deliver additional value by highlighting trends, converting unauthorized distributors and anticipating problem areas. 
  • Use insights to inform and collaborate across the business to drive growth in areas such as marketing and e-commerce. 
Improved business outcomes
“We experienced a 160% revenue increase in the first week, then 180% in the following week. Overall, we saw 130% growth in the year to September (before the growth rate was only 30%) – so there was a huge impact.”
Head of trademarks and copyright, toy manufacturer

Talisman customers see:

  • 305%

    3-year ROI

  • 3-month

    Payback period

  • +3%

    Online sales per year

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