Automation & image technology

Find threats fast. Increase automation.

Talisman’s industry-leading automation and advanced image technology empowers businesses to automate their brand protection efforts from detection to enforcement. This drives efficiency at scale and enables teams to focus on the greatest threats to their brands and consumers online. 

Automate detection, risk & enforcement

Find infringements fast

Prioritize threats at scale

Act Fast

Drive enforcement efficiency

Talisman’s advanced automation features and imaging capabilities continuously extract and prioritize vital data, use risk rules to prioritize threats, and offer enforcement options to drive efficiency. 

Stay ahead of infringers: Despite many infringers shifting their behavior to avoid traditional detection techniques, brand protection teams can remain ahead of threats — no matter how hidden — with Talisman’s advanced detection capabilities. 

Smarter technology to stay ahead of threats

  • Quickly identify threats at scale across key channels with Talisman’s intelligence-driven data collection.
  • Automate risk analysis by applying prioritization algorithms, with high-risk threats flagged in the dashboard. 
  • Remove manual processes from your workflow and automate your entire process with automatic enforcement options. 
  • Dynamically optimize your process and improve ROI through continued data collection and machine learning. 
Talisman Automation & Image Technology - Automate your entire process
  • Where plain text isn’t used in listings, apply Talisman’s optical character recognition (OCR) to decipher text and find information that often avoids detection technology. 
  • Quickly extract data from images across key channels at scale, such as seller contact details, price, and quantity. 
  • Automatically prioritize key threats to your business by matching brand-keywords and risk rules with extracted text.  
Talisman Automation & Image Technology - Extract text embedded in images
  • Locate your logos on listings where your brand name isn’t mentioned with Talisman’s logo detection capability.
  • Uncover products that use distorted or altered versions of your logos to avoid detection and extract data to prioritize key threats. 
  • Apply machine learning to continually increase logo detection capabilities and identify infringements that non-machine learning tools would not. 
Talisman Automation & Image Technology - Detect your logo in listings
  • Detect lookalike listings that attempt to avoid trademarks or copyright imagery with Talisman’s similarity matching capability. 
  • Match lookalike products, designs, and packaging based on images which represent the designs of your products. 
  • Extract data to build intelligence on previously unknown infringing products and infringement trends.  
Talisman Automation & Image Technology - Find lookalike products

Talisman customers see:

  • 305%

    3-year ROI

  • 3-month

    Payback period

  • +3%

    Online sales per year

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