Online brand protection: Turning cost centres into revenue generators

Online brand protection: Turning cost centres into revenue generators

Online Counterfeiting

According to recent research commissioned by Incopro, leading technology consultancy Forrester found that brands utilising Incopro’s online brand protection technology see incremental compensation increases through successful litigation.

As stated in the research, ‘Because the legal teams are able to target the most important counterfeiters and gather evidence more effectively, their litigation efforts are more effective and thus more successful.’

Litigation against online IP infringement is often considered a costly affair for brands, needing time and resources to identify targets and build evidence. Many would much rather put a stop to a trademark or copyright infringement with a takedown notice, than in court. Effective online enforcement provides an efficient route to addressing the problem, though the benefits can be intangible.

Whilst online enforcement is able to deal with the majority of threats, offline action can be used to shutdown repeat offenders and large operations. Litigation can provide brands with a valuable tool to put a permanent stop to illegal activity and provide legal compensation to offset the damage caused. It is essential that this litigation is targeted and supported by quality evidence for the brand’s action to be successful and generate significant revenue.

Enhanced revenue generation

Rights holders can utilise both online and offline enforcement within a comprehensive brand protection strategy.

When online enforcement alone is unable to curtail a particularly persistent criminal entity or network, litigation is used to put a stop to their infringement. Using Incopro’s online brand protection tool, Talisman, and advanced clustering technology, our clients’ legal teams are able to target the most damaging and prolific counterfeiters, linking their activity across platforms and accounts. We provide valuable evidence and insights to ensure that litigation efforts are fruitful, enabling brands to win legal compensation and enhance their revenue generation.

Incremental legal compensation makes up 11% of the total benefits of using Incopro’s technology and services

Incopro facilitates this successful online to offline enforcement for our clients by combining the intelligence collected by Talisman with expertise from our wide legal network and specialist partners.

The independent research conducted by Forrester found that one client reached a settlement of US$100,000 within only a few months after setting up Talisman and held pending rewards of $375,000 after the first year of service. This client was also able to take down several infringing online marketplace accounts that were generating hundreds of thousands of dollars at the expense of their brand.

Forrester calculated that the three-year risk adjusted value of the incremental legal compensation as $216,717, though many of our clients are able to achieve settlements above this figure.

Through consistently successful litigation, we help our clients change internal perceptions of online brand protection as a cost-centre to a key revenue generator.

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