Online brand protection: Enhanced business intelligence and market opportunities

Online brand protection: Enhanced business intelligence and market opportunities

Online Counterfeiting

According to recent research commissioned by Incopro and undertaken by leading technology consultancy Forrester, clients utilizing Incopro’s online brand protection technology benefit from increased business intelligence capabilities.

Forrester analysts summarised that ‘those customers with more experience using the [Talisman] platform reported its value in gathering business intelligence. The three-year risk-adjusted present value of this benefit totals $78,137 for the composite organization.’

Enhanced business intelligence capabilities

Talisman collects and prioritizes online commercial information pertaining to our clients’ brands to deliver value beyond enforcement. This strategic information provides insights on key markets and the most infringed products or brands, helping you to build business intelligence on threats and opportunities.

Incopro clients see their business intelligence capabilities increase throughout their contract as a result of enforcement, data collection and trend monitoring by our expert analysts. With these vital insights, clients reported that they were able to quantify demand; highlight market hotspots; identify competitors, partners and acquisition targets; and develop market entry strategies.

A key use-case for brand protection enabled intelligence is the conversion of unauthorized sellers to official partners. Unauthorized sellers may sell ‘grey market’ goods (legitimate products legally/illegally sold on unapproved distribution channels) or unknowingly distribute counterfeits produced by a third-party. Conversion of well-meaning sellers allows a brand to reach untapped markets, sell to new customers and utilize extended distribution networks, thus contributing to revenue generation activities.

Offering equivalent value of a full-time business analyst

Forrester research found that by the third year of service the monetary value of business intelligence provided by Talisman and Incopro’s analysts is equivalent to 75% of the cost of a full-time business intelligence analyst’s annual salary. The findings highlight that alongside enforcement directly increasing revenue for brands through converted sales, enhanced business intelligence can provide further benefits and incur little additional operating costs.

For the Total Economic Impact study that Forrester conducted, they created a composite company based around the findings of four Incopro clients that they researched. They determined that for this composite organization, the combined value delivered by business and legal intelligence alone can amount to $324,606 in productivity gain. As a result, legal teams are better able to contribute to revenue-generating areas in other parts of their organizations and influence business strategy.

Brand protection should be viewed as a driver of business as part of the wider organization and connected to each function, rather than as a siloed cost center.

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