Online brand protection: Delivering a rapid and substantial ROI

Online brand protection: Delivering a rapid and substantial ROI

Online Counterfeiting

Recent research commissioned by Incopro and undertaken by leading technology consultancy Forrester found that brands utilizing Incopro’s online brand protection technology see their investment paid back within 3 months, and an ROI of 305% throughout the length of their contract.

As Forrester concluded, ‘By using Incopro, the interviewed organizations were able to significantly reduce the number of counterfeit listings on large online marketplaces, thus protecting brand equity and resulting in increased revenue.’

Increased online revenue

Effective online enforcement permanently takes down infringements, an outcome that a ‘whack-a-mole’ approach taken by our competitors is unable to achieve. This strategy ensures that the online availability of counterfeits is heavily reduced, directing consumers towards genuine goods and increasing online sales. Incopro clients are thus able to alter the internal perception of online brand protection as a cost-center within their organizations, instead highlighting it as an essential activity to generate revenue.

Incopro is responsible for protecting over $200 billion of annual revenue across 600 brands. In order to safeguard and increase revenue for our clients, the most prevalent and damaging online infringements are targeted in our enforcement efforts. We achieve this through advanced Network Analysis technology that groups together related entities across over 20 data-points such as platform, profile, and physical address to uncover the largest commercial-scale infringers operating against your brand.

“Because the Network Analysis enables us to identify the top five to 10 targets, we maximize the effectiveness of our efforts.” Head of trademarks and copyright, toy manufacturer

Taking down the greatest online infringers is almost akin to removing a competitor, allowing you to convert new customers (those that otherwise may have unknowingly purchased counterfeits instead of your genuine goods). Targeted enforcement through Network Analysis fuels sales growth in regions where large-scale counterfeiting operations are responsible for the loss of market share.

For one of our clients, Talisman detected a hidden network containing over 530 social media accounts, 14,140 infringing URLs, and over 7,000 marketplace listings, and successfully enforced against the entire operation within 24 hours, demonstrating the power of our Network Analysis technology.

Investment paid back within first three months

Forrester’s research reveals that revenue uplift impacts, on average, 3% of online sales per brand protected. As more of a client’s brands are added to our system over time, learnings are taken on board and enforcement efficiency continues to increase.

One of our clients surveyed revealed the following about their revenue gains:

“We experienced a 160% revenue increase in the first week, then 180% in the following week. Overall, we saw 130% growth in the year to September (before the growth rate was only 30%) — so there was a huge impact.” Head of trademarks and copyright, toy manufacturer

Return on investment (ROI) is a key concern shared by any rights holder looking to invest in an online brand protection tool; many vendors will claim their tools and services provide ROI but cannot prove this when asked. Incopro provides demonstrable ROI, with Forrester calculating that we deliver 305% return for our clients with a payback period consisting of 3.1 months, vastly offsetting the initial cost of investing in our brand protection tool.

Illustrated, is the three-year cash flow for a ‘composite customer’, as calculated by Forrester. Further findings are discussed in detail within the full Forrester report. Read it below.

Find out how targeting the largest infringers can increase your brand’s sales

Download the full report here

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