Quarter of UK consumers fooled by fakes | IPPro The Internet

Quarter of UK consumers fooled by fakes | IPPro The Internet

Quarter of UK consumers fooled by fakes

A quarter of UK consumers have accidentally bought a counterfeit product while shopping online in the last 12 months, according to brand protection company, Incopro.

In a report covering counterfeit products and their impact on brand value, Incopro revealed statistics that showed these sales came at a significant cost for consumers.

Consumers spend an average of £1,250 online per year, according to the report, and 45 percent of those who were fooled into buying counterfeit products did not receive any refund, despite reporting the infringement.

A survey conducted by Sapio Research as part of the research showed that 22 percent of consumers surveyed had lost between £100 and £500 in the past 12 months from buying fake products, with the youngest consumers being hardest hit.

There were around 1,000 respondents to the survey.

Simon Baggs, CEO and co-founder of Incopro, commented: “The report confirms our fears that consumers are being hit hard by counterfeit operations.”
“The sophisticated techniques of infringers are making it increasingly difficult for consumers to spot fake goods until it is too late—money has changed hands and the consumer ends up with a poor-quality and sometimes hazardous imitation.

He added: “That consumers have reported counterfeit sellers after being ripped off and still not received any kind of refund is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. It’s clear that consumers need more protection from online marketplaces and brands to combat counterfeiting, especially as online spending rises in the future.”

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