New LA base for London-headquartered IP protection company Incopro | Bdaily

New LA base for London-headquartered IP protection company Incopro | Bdaily

Online brand protection provider Incopro has expanded across the Atlantic with a new office in Los Angeles.

The London-headquartered company said the opening will enable it to cement its market position in North America and push its IP protection services in the west coast region.

It follows an £18m venture capital investment in the business from Highland Europe, which will support the expansion of Incopro’s technology, customer support and sales teams.

Incopro already has offices in New York and Idaho, along with operations in San Francisco.

The firm’s core product, Talisman, uses big data and machine learning to scan the internet for counterfeit products and brand abuse, searching platforms ranging from online marketplaces to social media.

Infringements are typically identified and removed within 24 hours.

Incopro’s CEO and co-founder, Simon Baggs, said: “Opening in Los Angeles reflects the strong background that we have in protecting the rights of media and product companies based on the West Coast.
“Working with the film studios as a lawyer gave me the understanding of online IP infringement that eventually proved the catalyst to co-founding Incopro with Bret Boivin, who left a major studio to join me in this venture.”
He added: “It is a real milestone to see the company now grow to the point where an office in LA has become a reality.”

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