Key takeaways from Brand Protection Online Europe | WTR

Key takeaways from Brand Protection Online Europe | WTR

WTR held its inaugural Brand Protection Online Europe in London on Monday (14 October), which featured a packed room of attendees and speakers from brands including Daniel Wellington, PayPal, Superdry and Tommy Hilfiger.

Incopro’s Helen Saunders kicked off a discussion on measuring brand protection ROI with some audience participation. She asked the delegates to raise their hands based on each potential way to quantify the value of their work. All the options received merely a smattering of hands from measuring financially, through time spent, internal resources dedicated, and successes. An attendee offered the possibility of measuring through compliance rate.

For her part, Tonio Lambourghini’s Eva Constantini offered a truly Italian approach: you can just feel it. More concretely, she said that she can recognize her efforts are working on internal awareness because her company knew it would be valuable to send her to events such as this one. Johnson Controls’ James Graham offered a pragmatic approach with the impetus to measure the size of the problem as accurately as possible with the refrain: “If you don’t measure it, you don’t care about it.” For those in the brand protection field, while there is no one size fits all approach, it is clearly critical to have a sense of how you measure success.


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