Incopro unveils a fresh brand identity

Incopro unveils a fresh brand identity

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Incopro’s new brand identity!

As we continue to grow and evolve as a company, we decided that the time was right to develop our identity to reflect this. Our company’s ethos revolves around continuous improvement and cutting-edge technology and we believe this sophisticated new look showcases these attributes to the world.

What does the new identity mean?

Our new identity takes the different elements of our work and combines them to show the package that we offer to our clients. Whilst our logo has only seen gradual enhancements, we have created our new ‘mark’, where each of the rings represents one of the critical components of an effective brand protection strategy: Data Collection, Prioritisation, Clustering, Enforcement and Reporting & Analytics.

This bold, contemporary new style includes a new colour palette, typography & imagery and will be seen throughout the Incopro brand, from our new website, through to communications and Talisman itself.

The development of Incopro

From the sophisticated new look we’ve unveiled today, it is always interesting to see where the origins of the company began, below are the previous iterations of our logo.

The future

We look forward to growing with this new brand identity, just as we have with the past, as we continue to build out our technology and ensure we provide the best protection available to brands on the marketplace.

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