Incopro analyst Joshua Hopping elected to InfraGard Board of Directors

Incopro analyst Joshua Hopping elected to InfraGard Board of Directors

Incopro’s Brand Protection Team Leader, Joshua Hopping, has been elected to the FBI-affiliated non-profit InfraGard to share his knowledge on anti-counterfeiting

In the early morning hours of August 22, 2018, US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents led a multi-agency team in raiding the homes and businesses connected to a $10 million counterfeit network. Though the network was based in Boise, Idaho, USA, it sold counterfeit Apple and Samsung cell phones around the world through multiple eBay and Amazon accounts as well as their own eCommerce website. Working with the brand owners, law enforcement officials purchased multiple test buys from these online accounts which helped them locate the origins of the network and ultimately led to the indictment of ten individuals living in Boise.

This raid highlights the need for communication and interaction between brand owners, law enforcement officials, and online brand protection companies. In monitoring online platforms like eBay and Amazon, Incopro is able to detect top sellers like the aforementioned network. Brand owners can then report credible networks to law enforcement who can coordinate on-the-ground raids.

Driven by a desire to foster relationships that can could facilitate this type of interaction, Incopro’s Boise, Idaho based Team Lead, Joshua S. Hopping, joined the non-profit InfraGard organization. InfraGard is a “partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector” designed to be “a vehicle for seamless public-private collaboration with government that expedites the timely exchange of information and promotes mutual learning opportunities relevant to the protection of Critical Infrastructure.”

After two years of active engagement with the Idaho chapter of InfraGard, Hopping was elected to their board of directors recently. In addition to helping guide the local Idaho chapter, this position will allow Hopping to educate the leaders of Idaho’s critical infrastructure about the dangers of buying counterfeit goods online and the importance of maintaining an effective online brand protection strategy. He will also be able to deepen his relationships with the FBI and other private sector individuals whose services could benefit Incopro’s USA based clients.

Joshua Hopping’s involvement with InfraGard shows the dedication of Incopro’s employees to fight against brand abuse and online counterfeit at all levels. By building and facilitating relationships around the globe, Incopro is able to deliver tangible results to clients of all levels and industries.

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