BBC Worldwide enlists online brand protection company

BBC Worldwide enlists online brand protection company

INCOPRO aims to combat online sale of unlicensed merchandise for commercial brands.
BBC Worldwide has teamed up with online brand protection company INCOPRO, working with the specialist in its mission to combat the online sale of unlicensed merchandise for its commercial brands.
INCOPRO scans online marketplaces, websites and social media to help companies protect licensed merchandisers against counterfeit competition, and ensure the fans get the highest quality products.

“Working with our licensed merchandisers to protect their products is very important to us,” said Rikesh Desai, licensing and gaming director at BBC Worldwide.

“We are extremely proud of our great brands, and the huge support and fan base they inspire worldwide. Our work with INCOPRO means that we can make sure fans get the best consumer products to extend their enjoyment of their favourite shows.”
INCOPRO’s proprietary technology platform, TALISMAN, gathers intelligence from online marketplaces, social media and websites – as well as newer methods such as paid search, app stores and 3D printing. With these insights, INCOPRO’s team of multi-lingual analysts and legal experts seek to enforce IP rights and address concerns from licensees.
Helen Saunders, head of intelligence and operations at Incopro, commented: “BBC Worldwide is home to truly beloved and recognised brands, and we are delighted to play a role in protecting them.
“The internet is a great forum for fans, but is unfortunately also abused by counterfeiters trying to take advantage of them. TALISMAN allows us to cluster the data from a host on online platforms, and target and take down entire networks of offenders at once.”
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