ATurquoise joins Incopro Legal Network

ATurquoise joins Incopro Legal Network

London and Paris – March 9, 2017 – Incopro, the online brand protection specialist, and ATurquoise – a French law firm specialising in intellectual property, luxury and fashion, media, and entertainment – have today announced a partnership that will enable ATurquoise to access Incopro’s advanced technology to provide a comprehensive global overview of online infringements.

This includes access to Incopro’s Identify system, which was created for content owners to identify and enforce against copyright infringements across the internet. As well as tracking over 16,000 sites, the technology provides deep intelligence for a range of enforcement activities, industry co-operations and outreach to Governments. ATurquoise will have access to the Incopro Infringement Index within Identify, which is an expert and logical assessment of the extent of infringements. This scoring system enables robust analytics and a true understanding of the global piracy landscape with a focus on the most egregious operators.

As part of Incopro’s Legal Network, ATurquoise is also able to take advantage of Talisman – a highly innovative system that can successfully track, prioritise, and enforce against counterfeits, grey market and lookalikes on all digital platforms.

The partnership between ATurquoise and Incopro means both companies can present these technologies to brand owners. This grants ATurquoise access to Incopro’s insights on which sites are infringing or facilitating the infringement of intellectual property rights, leading to industry-leading expert advice on appropriate courses of action.

“As fashion and luxury legal experts who also specialise in media and entertainment law, we have seen the impact online copyright and counterfeit infringements have on businesses,” explains Anne Marie Pecoraro at ATurquoise. “On top of this, as members of Incopro’s Legal Network, we have cemented our position as industry-leading legal specialists within the luxury fashion, media, and entertainment sectors. It’s no secret that online counterfeiting is a colossal issue for many luxury brands, and so we are thrilled to be able to announce our partnership with Incopro. The combination of our valuable legal expertise and Incopro’s unique technology means that we can help eliminate online infringement once and for all.”

“We’re delighted to welcome ATurquoise to the network,” said Simon Baggs, CEO of INCOPRO. “The firm is widely recognised for its work in the intellectual property, luxury fashion, entertainment and media space, both in France and beyond. Our technology will enable the team to provide its clients with an intelligence-led approach to fighting online copyright and counterfeit infringements and take the necessary steps to quickly see greater, measurable impact from their efforts.”

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About Incopro

Founded in 2012, Incopro is an online brand protection company. Its proprietary technology platform Talisman collates a mass of data on brand infringement and automatically identifies and prioritises IP violations. Its clustering technology is uniquely able to track and connect the commercial scale counterfeiters, enabling the comprehensive takedown of all associated operations.

Headquartered in London with operations also in the USA, Incopro’s team is made-up of more than 50 experts in IP law, investigation, intelligence and technology who provide some of the biggest brands in the world with connected and actionable insights into IP infringements online. In 2016 Incopro formed a partnership with trademark and domain clearance and protection business Corsearch, further expanding its services.

About the Incopro Legal Network

To stand out from the competition and expand their business, law firms need to be able to differentiate their services and areas of expertise. IP owners also need an effective way of consulting with legal experts in different territories, in order to evaluate their enforcement options.

Incopro recognised a need to identify the leading intellectual property experts in key countries, hence the creation of the Incopro Legal Network. The network operates as a referral mechanism, which not only benefits the law firm partners who are invited to participate in the network, but also assists IP owners by providing a trusted source of legal advice and /or enforcement services in specific territories outside the UK.

About ATurquoise

ATurquoise is a French boutique law firm founded by Anne-Marie Pecoraro and specialises in intellectual property, luxury and fashion law, entertainment, and media technologies. As an independent company, ATurquoise aims to help its clients achieve their ambitions through innovative solutions, notably based on its cross-border experience.

ATurquoise lawyers have extensive knowledge of the fashion and luxury goods industries; for many years, the firm has been working for prestigious designers, stylists, creators, and companies at all stages of creative development, providing advice on all aspects of the business and at every phase of a product’s lifecycle. This includes the creation and protection of a brand or a design, marketing and retail and online distribution, branding, labelling, and advertising, communication and e-reputation, as well as licensing and strategic alliances and funding.

The firm has advanced skills in anti-counterfeiting, grey market goods, and compliance with import/export, customs and market requirements, making it a strategic partner in the luxury goods industry.

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