Consumers have a relaxed view of purchasing fake electrical products with 22%

of US and UK consumers have previously purchased or are open to purchasing fake electrical products online.

Technology and electrical brands are some of the most commonly infringed companies online. From cheaply produced imitations through to compatibles, brands involved with technology face a raft of different issues and will have specific requirements for their needs. Whether that involves clearing a marketplace, protecting their customers from harm or defending their brand trust & revenue.



of US consumers said they lost trust in a brand after unintentionally purchasing a counterfeit product they believed was genuine.


of all global trade is suspected to be counterfeit.


of US consumers said they would knowingly purchase a counterfeit product.

How can Incopro Help?

Incopro works with some of the largest and best-known technology brands in the world, helping protect their revenue and reputation as well as their customers from fake electrical products. Our technology, Talisman, scrapes the internet to identify the biggest threats to your brand and provide the mechanism to have these enforced and removed.

To learn about our approach in detail, follow the link here.

Our approach
Mobile mayhem: brand protection in a changing environment, an article from the WTR 2018 Online Enforcement Guide

Over 750 world-class brands trust Incopro

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“Partnering with Incopro has been a great achievement in our online fight against counterfeits. Brother needed a specialized and dedicated team to fight online counterfeits in Europe and partnering with Incopro gave us that capability.”
Warren Fox, Assistant Manager, European Supplies & Online Channel Strategy at Brother International Europe Ltd

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