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Rise of the underdogs - how unexpected performances are affecting the counterfeit market

It is estimated that the sport industry loses approximately €500 million

in the EU alone every year.

Sports, media & entertainment are massive targets for counterfeiters. They look to capitalize on pop culture and seasonal events to exploit spikes in popularity and flog their illegitimate products.

However, there is also a flipside for these sectors that a lot of those who infringe on their IP are not acting maliciously, but rather are fans of a specific sports team or character within a TV series or movie. For these instances, it requires someone enforcing on your behalf who has the knowledge and expertise to understand the difference and act appropriately where necessary.

Another factor a lot of sports, media & entertainment companies have to consider is their licensing agreements. Counterfeiters often take advantage of these situations as they are not well monitored, but with the proper technology and strategy in place, brands can fight them off and make themselves a far more attractive partner for licensees to work with.

Did you know?


of all sporting trade in the EU is counterfeit


jobs are lost in the EU alone due to this issue


of all global trade is suspected to be counterfeit

How can Incopro Help?

Incopro works with some of the largest and best-known sports, media & entertainment brands in the world. Our technology, Talisman, scrapes the internet to identify the biggest threats to your brand and provide the mechanism to have these enforced and removed.

Our Approach

Over 750 world-class brands trust Incopro

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