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Online retail accounts for16% of global sales

This is up from 1% in 2000 and shows a trend of consistent growth. This growth provides increased opportunity but concerningly further exposure to risk for brands.

Problems that our analysts often act on include copycat websites and brand-jacking. These represent a reputational risk to brands within the industry and can cause harm to consumers if they fall for scams such as phishing.

Did you Know?


of counterfeits into the US are made up of small parcels sent via post.


of product results returned by search engines are for websites and other online locations that offer products that are either counterfeit or otherwise infringe intellectual property.


of people who bought a counterfeit never received a refund from an online marketplace despite reporting a seller of counterfeit goods.

How can Incopro help?

Incopro works with some of the largest and best-known online & retail brands in the world. Our technology, Talisman, scrapes the internet to identify the biggest threats to your brand and provide and act on these strategically and at scale.

Our Approach

Over 750 world-class brands trust Incopro

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“Talisman has enabled us to fight back and achieve the removal of a high number of illegal websites and counterfeit products. Violators can also be dealt with in an instant using the user-friendly reporting system. I recommend this product for every internet company.”
Doug Mackay, Managing Director, Leading Edge Health

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