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The online counterfeit luxury
market is estimated at$30.3 billion

This is a concerning figure that is likely to grow as consumers unknowingly purchasing fake products on social media platforms and online ecommerce marketplaces. The threat is particularly severe for the fashion industry as it is consistently the single-largest target for counterfeiting activity in regions such as the US.

When consumers purchase counterfeit luxury and fashion goods, they often think of it as being a victimless purchase. However, beyond the wider social and human rights issues that come with the production of these illegitimate goods, there are also health risks from the unsafe materials that are used.

Did you know?


of US respondents said they lost trust in a brand after unintentionally purchasing a product they believed was genuine.


of US respondents said they would buy fake clothing.


of all global trade is suspected to be counterfeit.


Incopro works with some of the largest and best-known fashion brands in the world, preventing counterfeit luxury goods from reaching their consumers. Our technology, Talisman, scrapes the internet to identify the biggest threats to your brand and provide the mechanism to have these enforced and removed.

To learn about our approach in detail, follow the link here.

Our Approach
The quantitative impact of an effective brand protection strategy, an Incopro case study

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“We use Incopro analysts, they’re the experts, not only on their system, but also of the different platforms out there and what the requirements are to get something taken down.”
James Clark, Brand Protection Manager, Ted Baker

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