Automotive parts

The fake car parts
market is estimated at$20 Billion

This is a concerningly high statistic for products that can so clearly put lives in jeopardy. Commonly found counterfeit car parts include brake pads, air bags, seatbelts and tyres, when you consider the fake car part market is estimated to be worth up to $20 billion (US) it demonstrates the scale and severity of the issue.

Did you know?


is the amount that the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) estimates that is lost each year due to counterfeit tires and batteries being sold and offered for sale inside the EU.


of consumers across the UK and US would consider purchasing counterfeit car parts online. (According to research undertaken for Incopro by Sapio Research.)


of UK consumers believe online marketplaces should be doing more to stop the purchase of counterfeit goods (According to research undertaken for Incopro by Sapio Research).

How can Incopro help?

Incopro works with some of the largest and best-known automotive brands in the world, protecting their customers from fake car parts and other unauthorized goods. Our technology, Talisman, scrapes the internet to identify the biggest threats to your brand and to act on these strategically and at scale.

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Automotive - How can Incopro help

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“The team is responsible for everything related to trademarks: enforcement, counterfeiting, online brand protection, M&A aspects. This is a lot of work on a lot of fronts.”
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