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Talisman’s network analysis tool delivers the intelligence needed to tackle the greatest threats to brands. It enables businesses to strategically connect the dots between online and offline infringements, and gain full visibility of the scale and complexity of the networks that undermine their brands.

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The greatest threats are often network-level operators structured like multinational businesses. They reach consumers across borders and use multiple online channels. These networks cannot be dealt with by low-impact takedowns. Network analysis enables brands to remove entire networks and ensure lasting impact.

Strategic approach: By connecting infringing entities across channels and matching them against online and offline identifiers, network analysis provides full visibility of the risk of each infringing network and provides you the intelligence to act on them at scale.

Built-in features to act at network level

  • Gather more data, faster, to better understand the networks targeting your brand and the key perpetrators at their core.
  • Build a complete picture of the size and reach of networks using global, local, and emerging data sources, including: social media, websites, marketplaces, paid search, app stores, and 3D printing sites.
  • Create a true profile of the key perpetrators by collecting and linking online and offline identifiers, such as seller aliases, telephone numbers, and physical premises.
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  • Stop new threats emerging by exposing large scale networks and predicting future behavior through Talisman’s machine learning capabilities. 
  • Drive enforcement efficiency by flagging entities shared between networks and linking them within the dashboard.
  • Detect similar activity to take down larger networks that rapidly pivot efforts once discovered.
  • Take full control of networks within the dashboard and include additional entities from external and offline data points. 
Talisman Network Analysis - Connect networks
  • Automate your efforts and generate maximum impact for your organization through Talisman’s risk algorithms. 
  • Protect e-commerce revenues by using web rankings, visibility to consumers, and seller authorization to prioritize high-risk entities.
  • See real brand protection ROI by acting at scale and tackling the perpetrators at the heart of networks.
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“Because Network Analysis technology enables us to identify the top targets, we maximize the effectiveness of our efforts.”
Director of Intellectual Property & Assistant General Counsel, Multinational Toy Manufacturer

Talisman customers see:

  • 305%

    3-year ROI

  • 3-month

    Payback period

  • +3%

    Online sales per year

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