Luxury Law Summit

Luxury Law Summit

Incopro is an official sponsor of the Luxury Law Summit held in London, UK on 2nd April 2019.

Incopro is an official sponsor of the 7th edition of the Luxury Law Summit held at the Ham Yard Hotel in London, UK on 2nd April 2019.

The luxury sector is ever-changing and requires businesses to constantly stay up-to-date. The Luxury Law Summit aims to tackle the latest trends and challenges that the industry is facing: from consumer behaviour to online brand protection, the event provides unique insights for general counsel and lawyers specialised in advising luxury brand owners.

The one-day agenda brings together a large panel of decision-makers in the business of luxury: CEOs, designers, and general counsel will cover some of the most crucial issues impacting the industry. Among them, the challenges that the Internet brought up in the last decade are non-negligible: counterfeiting has turned out to be a significant headache for luxury brands, leading to lost sales and tarnishing their brand value.

Incopro COO Helen Saunders will be leading a workshop in partnership with IP law firm Wiggin to talk over how to safeguard your brand online. It is, indeed, more important than ever for companies to protect their assets online.

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