2019 Global Brand Protection Summit

2019 Global Brand Protection Summit

Incopro is sponsoring and speaking at the 2019 Global Brand Protection Summit


Incopro will be sponsoring and speaking at the 2019 Global Brand Protection Summit held in Amsterdam between the 25th and 26th of September.

The challenge for Brand Protection professionals is how to change the organisational perception of Online Brand Protection as being just about anti-counterfeiting. At this year’s Global Brand Protection Summit, we explore the broader concept of brand protection and look at some examples of non ‘anti-counterfeiting’ activities that have delivered significant benefits to cross functional teams within different companies where brand protection is seen as a strategic investment.

Incopro strives to make the internet a prosperous place for businesses to grow and a place where consumers can be confident that what they’re buying is genuine. Join us to learn about:

  • How our technology is constantly evolving to stay ahead of new counterfeiting tactics
  • The latest trends and insights that we have seen in the industry
  • How we can help protect your relationship with your customers by ensuring all products of yours bought online are genuine

About the event

GBPS 2019 is a cross-industry event and will bring together senior executives responsible for brand protection with firms developing new and innovative technologies to secure and protect global brands. This must-attend event will deliver cutting-edge presentations on the key challenges as well as future opportunities for the industry, and wide-ranging technical developments in brand protection.

The event will be welcoming top-caliber speakers to our stage to share their success stories. Each and every delegate will have the ideal platform to share their experience and network with peers as well as solution providers in scheduled meetings and roundtable discussions.

If you are attending and would like to arrange a meeting to learn how Incopro can help your business, please contact us by filling in the form to connect with an expert.

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