eTail Europe Conference

eTail Europe Conference

Incopro is sponsoring the eTail Europe Conference held in London on June 18/19th.


Incopro is sponsoring eTail Europe in London, UK on 18-19 June.

eTail Europe is dedicated to bringing together leaders in ecommerce and omnichannel retail to explore the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the world of online retail.

Online retail is a key avenue of growth for traditional high street brands. However, online counterfeiting poses a key barrier to this growth with 33% of retailers stating that it is one of the top external threats to their ecommerce businesses.

Counterfeiting impacts both online retailers that market and sell their own goods and platforms that operate marketplaces for third-party sellers. Ecommerce managers and marketers need to be aware of not only the threats posed, but also the opportunities presented. A comprehensive Online Brand Protection strategy will allow brands to root out the most prolific criminal networks and take them down, converting genuine buyers and increasing revenues.

As stated in recent commissioned research, leading technology consultancy Forrester found that by taking down entire counterfeiting operations, Online Brand Protection is able to increase online sales by 3% per brand covered.


As a leading provider of Online Brand Protection technology, Incopro is pleased to contribute to the discourse surrounding IP and technology, current industry trends and the threats posed to ecommerce platforms.

If you are attending, we would be glad to discuss how Incopro can help your business prosper online. To do so, please fill out the form.

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