APM IP Protection Seminar

APM IP Protection Seminar

Incopro is sponsoring the APM IP Protection Seminar held in Berlin on June 6/7th.


Incopro is sponsoring the APM IP Protection Seminar in Berlin, Germany on 6-7 June 2019.

Diverse topics around intellectual property and online brand protection will be discussed during the APM IP Protection Seminar. Incopro CFO, Johannes Hertz, will be taking part in the panel discussion on the merits of online brand protection, alongside well-known brands such as eBay and TrustedShops (provider of ‘trustmark’ that certifies the safety of ecommerce sites).

As a leading provider of online brand protection technology, Incopro is pleased to contribute to the discourse surrounding IP and technology, current industry trends and the threats posed on social media platforms.

Other intellectual property topics covered during the two-day event include:

  • Design protection and technical features
  • Market research and awareness
  • Experiences of new brands
  • Tackling infringement – criminal law, civil law, or both?

If you are attending, please reach out to us to organise a one-to-one meeting via the form. We would be glad to talk about the challenges your business might be facing online.


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