Ted Baker's intelligence-led approach to Brand Protection

Ted Baker’s intelligence-led approach to Brand Protection

Ted Baker is ‘No Ordinary Designer Label’. Having launched as a shirt specialist in 1987 they’ve always sought to do things their way as they’ve grown from one store in Glasgow into a global brand.

Ted Baker now has a portfolio of stores in the UK and US, along with Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Taiwan, and achieved this whilst retaining their identity as a quintessentially English brand with a quirky sense of humour.

The rising counterfeit challenge

This focus of innovation and approaching things in a different way was a key driver behind their early embrace of ecommerce. As such, the Ted Baker website is now an essential part of their brand and shoppers from around the world can purchase the latest Ted clothes from the comfort of their homes.

Originally, counterfeits were sold in markets and physical stores rather than through online sales and auction sites. The challenge online came to the fore around 2014 not just for Ted Baker, but the whole industry.

As any large brand can vouch for, having a significant online presence brings both opportunity and risk. With a brand as popular as Ted Baker, they have to remain diligent and proactive to ensure that they protect both their business and their customers.

How Ted Baker approaches the challenge


Ted Baker believes a collaborative approach is the best way to help shape key issues and influence public policy. As such, they are a member of several groups, including: The Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG), Asian Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (ACACAP), React and the Real-Deal initiative. Through these groups, Ted Baker collaborate with other brands, share information and work towards intelligence-led enforcement.

Intelligence-led enforcement

The sheer size of the internet makes it impossible for one person, or a team, to be able to look at everything online manually. Ted Baker realized that the only way to tackle the issue was to pull all infringements into one system and to correlate all that information so that they are able to prioritize the workload and focus their resources.

“Part of the work we’re doing for the future is over data analysis, and working with the team at Incopro to see what their system can tell us, what we can do better in the future, and where we should be looking.”
James Clark, Brand Protection Manager, Ted Baker

How Online Brand Protection can help

For Ted Baker, the primary function of Brand Protection is to disrupt counterfeiting and reduce the availability of fakes online. By using technology, they can target the different platforms and domains to remove listings efficiently and at scale.

Ted Baker chose Incopro as a partner due to the market-leading technology we were able to offer and the expertise of our team. Through this technology, Ted Baker prioritizes their workload and make the best use of their time, focusing on the sellers that are causing the most damage and making a lasting impact on the health of their brand.

The evolving nature of counterfeiting

The challenge with counterfeiting in the 21st century is that it is constantly evolving. Brand protection strategies have to be updated on a regular basis to counter the new tricks and tactics being used by infringers.

The internet is developing rapidly with the explosion of ecommerce, social media, marketplace platforms, messaging apps and any other number of methods that can be manipulated by infringers for profit. It is critical to stay aware and ahead of these trends, and by partnering with Incopro Ted Baker are able to achieve this.

Incopro enables ecommerce to flourish

Counterfeiting is not a short-term issue; it has to be tackled over the long term. That’s why it is so important to have a partner you can work with to develop your strategy, your systems, and to deliver a lasting impact for your business.

Incopro targets the most damaging online counterfeiters in our enforcement efforts in order to safeguard brand reputation and increase online revenue. Our AI-assisted image matching technology, advanced clustering, and the expertise of our team allow us to deliver true value for our clients and we are proud to have played our part over the last few years in helping a brand as iconic as Ted Baker to continue to thrive on the global stage.

“We use Incopro analysts, they’re the experts, not only on their system, but also of the different platforms out there and what the requirements are to get something taken down.”
James Clark, Brand Protection Manager, Ted Baker

Partner with a company that enables you to protect consumers from online counterfeits

Talisman systematically scrapes the internet using machine learning technology and is able to discover infringement across websites, marketplaces, social media, paid search, and more.

For Ted Baker, Talisman’s capability to uncover the true scale of brand misuse across marketplaces, e-commerce websites, and social media and prioritize high-risk infringements has been critical to protecting consumers from counterfeits.

Whether you’re a midsize organization or a Fortune 500 enterprise, our Brand Protection solutions give you the confidence that your business and consumers are fully protected online. Talk to our experts to find out why Incopro is the right choice for you.

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