Case Study | How Brother maintains control of digital channels to prevent revenue leakage

Case Study | How Brother maintains control of digital channels to prevent revenue leakage

Brother Industries was founded in Japan in 1908. They are known around the world as an electronics and electrical equipment company, now operating in more than 40 countries. Their product range includes printers, machine tools, label printers, sewing machines, and even communication systems for karaoke.

Brother – at your side

Brother’s vision is to aim for continuous growth and strive to be a company which earns and retains the trust of all its stakeholders.

Brother places “its customers first everywhere, every time.” Their policy “at your side” is the basis of their corporate culture, and ensures they retain a great relationship and level of trust between them and their customers.

The wider counterfeit problem

Counterfeit goods have been around for a long time, but with the boom of the internet and e-commerce, their availability has skyrocketed. Counterfeiters continue to become more organized and more sophisticated in the way they con innocent consumers using websites, online marketplaces, and social media.

Counterfeits damage company revenues, put consumers’ safety at risk and there is evidence to show that counterfeit products are linked to criminal networks or organized crime; involving tax evasion, money laundering, illegal drugs, slave labor, and human trafficking.

“Partnering with Incopro has been a great achievement in our online fight against counterfeits. We have been working together since August 2018 and the results have been very gratifying. Brother needed a specialized and dedicated team to fight online counterfeits in Europe and partnering with Incopro gave us that capability.”

Warren Fox, Assistant Manager, European Supplies & Online Channel Strategy, at Brother International Europe Ltd

Fighting the counterfeit issue

Brother’s main concern with counterfeiting is the damage that it can cause their partners and end consumers. If they are not proactive in fighting the issue and a consumer unintentionally purchases a counterfeit it can have damaging consequences on brand trust and reputation.

For example, counterfeit toners and inks have been independently tested and results show the significant damage they can cause to printers. They are poorly constructed and when used with a legitimate printer will often cause downtime and damage which will result in further maintenance costs.

How has Incopro helped?

Since Brother first partnered with Incopro, Incopro analysts have enforced on over 130,000 listings across Europe that infringed their copyrights and trademarks. This equates to over 1,600 sellers across 20 online marketplaces in 18 countries. In addition to this, Incopro has actioned across 100 websites/domains and continues to enforce on social media platforms. This work has reduced third party listing infringements in search results from 85% to 20%.

Another critical part of the service offered is through the strong relationships Incopro has with online marketplaces. Through this Incopro has been able to lobby for platform restructure to stop infringing listings from creating brand confusion.

Partner with a company that will make a lasting impact

Talisman, Incopro’s Online Brand Protection technology, systematically scrapes the internet using machine learning technology and is able to detect infringement on websites, marketplaces, social media, paid search, and more.

For Brother, Talisman’s Network Analysis capability which automatically connects infringements to one another across platforms and channels has helped them to diminish the scale and has provided them with the intelligence to also take legal action offline.

How Brother works with Incopro’s analysts

“Their analysts are the experts in using their technology to identify and enforce counterfeits found on websites, social media, and online marketplaces.”

Warren Fox, Assistant Manager, European Supplies & Online Channel Strategy, at Brother International Europe Ltd

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