Aturquoise tells us how GDPR will affect luxury brands

Aturquoise tells us how GDPR will affect luxury brands

The priority intelligence requirements for upcoming data protection regulations in the fashion industry will help protect your e-commerce customers’ personal data.

On 11 July, an Incopro Legal Network member, ATurquoise, law firm based in Paris participated to the “Luxury Show” (“Salon du Luxe”) as well as to the “Fashion Tech Festival” which took place in Paris between 28 June and 02 July 2017, presenting notably a conference on 3D Printing gathering of the heads of Nelly Rody, Alibaba France, or the Kooples.

During these events the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of April 16th, 2016 was put forward many times. Indeed, it will apply in Europe from 25 May 2018 and luxury companies have to comply with this new legislation.

As a matter of fact, almost all luxury companies collect data to provide consumers with a special customized relationship. E-shop, customers’ accounts, newsletters, connected clothes, watches or even wallets require the collection of personal data (like their weight, or their credit card data).

GDPR establishes new rules about personal data such as the need for the individual’s clear consent to the processing of personal data, an easier access for the web user to his or her personal data, the rights of rectification, the right to object (including to the use of personal data for profiling purposes), and the right of data portability from one service provider to another.

Moreover, some companies have to hire a Data Protection Officer to ensure the compliance with the new regulation.

During the Salon du Luxe, Dominique Guiffard, Chief Information Officer at Celine, said that ”the 21th century’s oil is Data”. It seems that management of data is a top priority for luxury companies.

ATurquoise’s team, specialized in IP/IT is expert in Fashion and Technology laws and is an active member of Incopro, constantly looking for new solutions to fight against counterfeiting.

The team is also a member of the OTA (Observatoire de la Transformation Audiovisuelle – Obervatory of Audiovisual Transformation) since September 2017 and will animate workshops related to key topics.


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